Cemetery Etiquette

Cemetery explorers should follow these simple rules of etiquette when visiting cemeteries:

Visit cemeteries only during posted open hours.

 Be considerate of others. If a funeral is in progress or people are visiting a grave, move to another section of the cemetery.

Do not stand, sit or lean against monuments. No matter how sturdy they may seem, they may fall or shift.

When you see trash, pick it up.

If a stone has fallen, do not move it to another location (i.e. against a fence or nearby tree). It may be the only record of the grave’s location.

Ask permission from the cemetery office before doing a gravestone rubbing; they may not be allowed.

Follow all posted cemetery rules.

If dogs are allowed on the grounds, clean up after your pet. Do not let your pet run free.

Use respectful language and be considerate of others.